– How long have you been doing this for?

I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2011. I worked as an assistant on a few weddings in 2012 and shot my first solo wedding in 2013.

– What cameras do you use?

I use Fujifilm X Series Mirrorless cameras – I work with two of these. It’s digital kit; I shoot RAW and I try to do it as quietly and discretely as possible. These cameras are perfect for documentary style wedding photography as they are small, unobtrusive and discrete. I will use natural light wherever possible and a small handheld flash when nightfalls – especially on the dance floor.

– How many images will I get?

That varies depending on your wedding plans. On average I’d say approximately 350 – but no more than 500. Selecting the best photographs is the most difficult part of photography, especially if you have an emotional attachment to every single one. I will do the difficult cutting for you, not only because I don’t want to overload you will thousands of images but also I think that it’s important to give you a story, a narrative of your wedding day. A record of moments to be cherished.

– Do you work in colour or black and white?

I work on each image individually to bring out the best in them and so often you’ll end up with a mixture of the two.

– Do you do group shots?

Yes, if you want them. Most people decide that they’re not that fussed and that’s okay too. I can work of a list that you provide me or it can be kept free and easy where I will make impromptu groups shots as your guests socialise and celebrate your day.

– Where do you sit you to eat?

I tend to sit in the same room as your wedding guests and eat what they eat when they eat. It means I can be on hand for speeches or anything else that’s interesting to photograph.

– Do you work alone?

Yes. It means that I can provide a focused view from a single perspective – I believe that it makes the story flow much more naturally. It also prevents your day from feeling like a photoshoot production and less like a wedding.

– Are travel expenses included?

Yes. All my costs are included in the price – providing your wedding is mainland UK.

– How long until I received my photographs?

As I treat each image individually I take about 4 weeks before sharing them with you via a download link. I will provide you with low resolution images for email/web sharing and high resolution images for printing. You will have a licence to print and share the images as much a s you want.

– How do I book?

Get in contact. If I am available all I need is some contact details from you and a £200 deposit to confirm your date in my diary.

– Will you travel outside of the UK?

It depends on when and where. I love to travel but I have a young family an it can be difficult to be away for long periods of time.